Tasos Livaditis – Poems, Volume II


The Servant

       Suddenly I was always there in a way that, at a later time,

I couldn’t explain at all; a line of chairs, in two rows, was

in the street as if the celebration was over and I was as always

late; at that moment he leaned down but instead of grabbing

the coffee cup or my letter that fell, he lifted an old crayon case,

which of course I couldn’t accept since we buried it with him

and when he asked me for some money, I searched myself,

however who could be so prudent to have cash with him and

amid the nightmares, he threatened me with disclosing it; I

kneeled “no, no” I begged him, he was almost ready to do it

out loud

      in fact, perhaps, for this he chose such a humble job: to

serve him exactly at nine o’clock and return home on time.



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